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Top 5 creepiest anime characters of all time

Anime tends to have a great affinity for mind-bending elements of eerie creepiness. Their unwelcome surprise may not necessarily imply that they are evil, they may simply be horrifying or insane, but that still doesn’t change the fact that we wish they would go away. Soon.

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jwalkerz4358d ago

naruka doesnt even act creepy

domo3254357d ago

I think I agree with one of the posters in that link, saying that Cell is more creepier than Frieza. He frikking absorbs people whole (even other androids) with his huge tail. Pretty messed up.

chickenbutt4357d ago

Yea. The tail part is pretty much why I also think Cell is creepier. It freaken looks nasty.

poison_shadow4355d ago

Yeah... put me in with the others who think of Cell as creepier.