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Studio Ghibli to Announce New Work on December 15

ANN writes: "Studio Ghibli President Koji Hoshino revealed at the Rome International Film Festival on Thursday that his company "will announce Ghibli's new work on December 15. I cannot say anything beyond that yet." Hoshino was responding to a question about studio co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, who said in the September issue of Cut magazine that he considered a hypothetical sequel of Porco Rosso. However, the entertainment news source Cinema Today emphasized that it is currently unclear whether Hoshino was referring to a new work directed by Miyazaki or another creator."

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jwalkerz4415d ago

heres hoping its more like spirit away or princess mononoke

SynGamer4415d ago

As opposed to...? I personally really liked Ponyo, but my favorite has to be Howl's Moving Castle.

jwalkerz4415d ago

i like all of Miyazaki film, i just enjoyed spirit away and princess monookee more. so here' hoping its more like those 2