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4Kids's Toonzaki Adds Meat or Die CG Comedy Anime

The North American anime distributor 4Kids Entertainment began streaming the computer-animated television series Meat or Die (Yans! Gans!) on its Toonzaki website on Friday. The series of comedy shorts is set in New York in the future, when plants and dinosaurs have overrun the city. Yans and Gans are carnivorous dinosaurs who spend their days scaring and hunting down the other creatures.

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CrescentFang4342d ago

I don't like how they change things up JUST because it is too violent or they had to censor it. I respect the person who created the anime and such would not change it due to fear of children copying and i have never heard of a massive problem with anime and children in Japan. Well 4kids, we all know it's for money so just keep rerunning the old classics too :)