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One Piece Manga Breaks Record

The latest volume of One Piece has broken the previous record of first week sales.

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Simon_Brezhnev4397d ago

Well One Piece is the best anime/manga right now. I just started watching/reading the anime/manga last year and got hooked it blows bleach and naruto out the water.

tacosRcool4397d ago

It may but I never got into One Piece plus I think Bleach is gonna end soon

NovusTerminus4397d ago

Bleach was announced to have two more story arcs.

I think Naruto is the best currently running that I have read. Never got into One Piece, did not like the art style or character designs.

Got to catch back up in d Gray Man though. And Black Cat was good buy sadly over.

Gue14397d ago

One Piece is hard to watch. I started watching it last years after reading so many people praising the anime and manga so much. The problem with One Piece is that it has some episodes that are epic as hell but 65% of them are soooooo lame that I can understand your complaints but right now the anime and manga are 10/10 in the scale of epicness.

----------Spoilers----------- ----

The anime's on the arc of saving Luffy's brother from the Marine HQ and there's lots of action and cool stuff happening.

And the manga is very cool because right now is the reunion of the Straw Hat crew after 2 years of training and now everybody's more mature. Luffy's 19 years old, he is stronger and he finally knows how to use haki, Ussop is not weak anymore (alleluia!), Zoro can't be any more cooler with his new samurai outfit and new techniques. The guy even lost an eye during training and he was trained by Mihawk!!! Can you believe that? If you were fan of the manga you would understand why I'm so surprised by this.

It is obvious why the manga's selling so much, right now there no shonen anime better than One Piece. Not even the mighty Naruto.

jwalkerz4396d ago

i thought one piece was really lame and really kiddy, it reminded me a lot of a saturday morning cartoon lol.