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Anime Evo: The World God Only Knows 06 Review

Anime Evo: We pick up where we left off last week, with Kanon throwing a tantrum about Keima not paying attention to her and magically disappearing. Well, kind of. She didn’t really disappear. She’s just temporarily transparent. Apparently anything goes in this universe so okay, I’ll roll with it. Anywho, Kanon is muttering something about still being invisible and she transfixes her vacant ghost-stare on Keima who quickly denies the fact that he wasn’t paying attention. Not believing him, Kanon pulls out her taser once again and lunges at Keima, but misses and hits the tree behind him. As the tree snaps in half (how strong is that taser anyway?!) he tells her that he was so relaxed by her singing that he felt like he was in heaven. She seems to believe him for now and returns to normal before shuffling off while telling him to be there the next day.

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