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Yen Press Launches Talent Search for New Comics Creators

Attention up-and-coming comics and/or manga creators: Yen Press wants you! In the recently posted November 2010 issue of Yen Plus magazine and on their website, Yen Press posted information about their New Talent Search for "any artist who has never been published."

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jwalkerz4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

i wonder if animeshinbune have any talented people

SynGamer4396d ago

I think it's great when these things are made public. I mean, they are always looking for new series, but it's nice when the advertise and get a lot of interest.

My fiancé has two really good stories kicking around but no tablet/wacom-like tablet to draw her characters. If I could find someone to draw them for her (commissioned) that would be a great start for her.