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J.C. Staff Animates SNK Playmore's Sister Quest 2 Footage

ANN writes: "The anime studio J.C. Staff is producing over 60 minutes of animated footage for SNK Playmore's Sister Quest 2 ~Maken no Kishi to Shirogane no Miko~ (Sister Quest 2 ~The Knight of the Magic Sword and the Silver Shrine Maiden) "RPG pachi-slo" game, which will debut in Japan this winter. The game is the latest in SNK Playmore's Sister Quest franchise that combines the elements of pachi-slo (slot machine games for pachinko parlors) and role-playing games. Miwa Shoda (SaGa Frontier, Final Fantasy XII) wrote the game's scenario about a spirited knight named Chiffon and her twin sister, a level-headed shrine maiden (miko) named Stella."

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