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Tokyo to Resubmit Bill on Sexual Depictions of Youths

ANN writes: "The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to re-introduce a revised bill to restrict manga and anime with explicit sexual depictions of children during the parliamentary session that begins at the end of this month. The bill would amend the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance to add these materials to the existing "harmful publications" classification, and thus restrict their sales and renting.

The government submitted an earlier version of the bill in March, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly rejected that version in June. That earlier version used the term "nonexistent youth" to define which materials, such as those with rape and other "anti-social acts" of sexual nature, should be restricted; 1,421 manga creators and other opponents said the language was vague and open to interpretation."

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jwalkerz4394d ago

my perverted friends will be disappointed if this bill passess

dgroundwater4393d ago

my perverted "friends" will be too.

hamood4393d ago

i hope it doesn't pass not because i want loli stuff but because this is too vague, how can a character be considered adult? will the short girl in the class be considered 13 while the huge guy like (chad from bleach)will be considered 18? etc