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Negima's Akamatsu Plans Free Site for Out-of-Print Manga

ANN writes: "Manga creator Ken Akamatsu (Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Love Hina) announced on Monday that he is launching a "J-Comi" website that will eventually post out-of-print manga for free with advertising support. He is working with Ryusei Deguchi (Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade ) and other fellow manga creators, in part to deal with the current situation of manga being scanned and uploaded without authorization.

Under the proposed plan, the site will distribute out-of-print manga with the creators' permission and with advertising. The advertising revenues will then be split among the creators. The site will use PDF (Portable Document Format) files without DRM (digital rights management)."

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jwalkerz4392d ago

are people going to even have interest reading those out of print mangas

SynGamer4391d ago

Non-DRM PDFs...they might as well just distribute these for free. No need for some fancy service. I would however like a site that distributes DRM-protected/embedded manga's that are still running.

jwalkerz4390d ago

it is being distributed for free, unless you mean print them out in paper

SynGamer4390d ago

Legally distributed online (digitally) for free?

Archaic4388d ago

Legally distributed online and free (with advertisements). As far as I know, they don't have any plans for an English language edition of this yet, but those of us who can read Japanese certainly won't mind. Nor will a lot of universities, who now have some free reading material to point their students studying Japanese at which they may actually try to read in their spare time.