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Evangelion's Human-Sized Head Mounted on the Wall

ANN writes: "The model-making studio Akiyamakobo has begun accepting orders for a human-sized (but not life-size) head of the Evangelion: 2.0 anime film's EVA-01 mecha mounted on a wall plaque. At 29 centimeters (about 12 inches) tall and 10,290 yen (US$125, tax included), the "EVA-01 Test Type Wall Figure from Evangelion: 2.0" offers a relatively smaller, less expensive alternative to the full-body, 2.09-meter (7-foot) EVA-01 figure, which Akiyama sells for 1,180,000 yen (US$14,200).

Akiyamakobo will begin shipping the painted, fully assembled head next January. The wall plaque is octagonal, as inspired by the anime's AT Field barrier."

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dgroundwater4389d ago

Both are worth it :O I just want 2.0 to show up in theatres!