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shitemita has Monster Hunter munchies writes: "It's been awhile since either Dale or myself has posted one of shitemita's Japanese food product examination videos, and there's a good reason for this. As of late, he's been uploading at a very high rate of frequency and the subject of his works has often been random sweets or ramen cups with apparently expired dates as noted by people in the YouTube comment sections (though not by much, maybe a month or so).

Well, today he put forth a slightly different video featuring a promotional snack for Monster Hunter 3 (AKA Monster Hunter Tri) that I had no recollection even existed--I have a friend of Japanese decent who is a huge MH fan and this seems right up his alley as he also has a penchant for limited edition video-game-related foodstuffs. When our host opens up the container the objects inside look like...chubby crescent moon shaped cheese puffs. Huh. The packaging is nice, as is most commonly the case with the respectable aesthetics of Japan."

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