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Imageepoch announces a ton of new JRPGs

Japanator: "Imageepoch, the developers behind such titles as Luminous Arc and Last Ranker are determined to bring back the glory of JRPGs and as such, have announced several new titles. One of the first big titles is Final Promise Story, which will be released early next year on the PSP, which is being labeled as a dungeon RPG with a serious story. This game boasts voice actors like Eri Kitamura who plays the main character Rizetto. The official launch date is April 28, costing 6,279 yen.

Up next is Black Rock Shooter The Game, which will be released on the PSP next summer as Black Rock Story The Game . The standard version of the game will cost 6,279 yen. The limited edition, which will come with a special "visual box" complete with artwork, artbook, soundtrack, and a white Figma figure will cost 10,479 yen. The game's website will get actual content as of November 29."

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