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Rejoice: Japan backpedals on paranoid package restriction

Japanator: "Good news, everyone who wants to buy things from Glorious Nippon! The land of the rising sun has decided to scupper its previous plans to ban all personal packages weighing over one pound from being air-mailed to the United States.

This is no doubt a relief for anyone looking to get their stuff from eBay and other sellers not expressly contracted for business with Japan Post. I mean, sure, there are full-on import sites like J-List to turn to for one's get-it-from-Japan needs, but options are always good, right?

Now, to be fair, Japan Post went and did that fool thing in part due to America's paranoia, but remember, when you are prevented from getting your Metis Figmas and Shigenori Soejima art books in the manner of your choosing, the terrorists win."

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