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Top 10 Greatest Anime Series to Introduce to a Fellow Nerd I

"As the madness of the Christmas Season begins to draw closer, one thing that everyone is worried about is what to give that special nerd in your life. You know, the one who already has everything from multiple copies of Star Wars to the latest console gaming sensation. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a top ten list of the greatest anime series to introduce to a fellow nerd to help keep them busy during the winter season."

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tacosRcool4374d ago

Naruto is a stupid anime with a whiny main character and same with Shippuden since it has a bigger, older whinier character

rezznik4374d ago

Hey, just because you don't like Naruto doesn't mean that you have to bash it. I don't care much for it either but that doesn't mean it's garbage. Just not my cup of tea. Anyhow, I'll agree with Clannad and Elfen Lied.....those two animes were Pretty epic.