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Kuuchuu Buranko is going live-action, maybe UPSIDE DOWN

Japanator: "Some of you might remember Kuuchuu Buranko as an anime on the noitaminA block in late 2009, and even fewer might have remembered sitting through it without getting a headache. Well, for those who missed it, there seems to be another chance to catch up on psychiatrist Irabu and his multiple, anxiety-induced patients; Kuuchuu Buranko will air as a live-action TV drama starting January 30th.

The anime, based on a series of short novels by author Hideo Okuda, caught attention with its "eye-sex-ing" art style, mixing retroscoping, live action and traditional animation all in one package. There's really no word on if the live-action series will follow in similar fashion of the anime, or if it'll be more like the one-off TV special of Kuuchuu Buranko back in 2005. However, no matter what way the drama goes, I just can't wait to see how they handle "The Case of Permanent Erection"."

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