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Nice Ice Climbers artwork that “updates” our heroes’ look

From Paul Gale Network: "This Ice Climbers artwork comes at a nice time in my (author's) opinion, with the holidays being present and all. It depicts our heroes Popo (blue) and Nana (pink) in a different way then they’re normally drawn, but looks cool nonetheless.

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HurricaneKick94372d ago

These guys are from Super Smash Bros. Melee. So hard to play as but pretty unique characters and anyways nice update to their look.

PoopyTheMac4372d ago

I have the original Ice Climbers and if you've never played it you should it's a fun yet hard game.

SurfnUSA4372d ago

Hardly anyone that I know ever really mastered these two in tournaments at school (dormatory's best game ever), I always tried and actually became pretty damn good. A shame they haven't had an update but I guess they're not too popular.

PoopyTheMac4372d ago

I'm glad to hear that someone here likes them besides me!

OldSchoolGamer34372d ago

I like it a lot!!! It's not an incredibly detailed or otherwise "epic" feeling of a drawing but it captures the feeling of them well.

Jackojwang4372d ago

Time to bust out the Ice Climbers sountrack on Smash Bros. Nice drawing n I'm happy that Anime Shinbun has more artwork like this featured on their site now.

TekkenSmithMachine4372d ago

There's an IceClimbers Japanese soundtrack CD that you should get.

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