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Check out this amazing Samus Aran fan art

"Artist Ryo Iwai has been creating awesome video game art pieces for years now, but today might be his best work yet with his drawing of Samus Aran from Metroid fame."

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allysaurus874364d ago

Wow that's definitely some of the best Metroid fan art I've ever seen!

TonykomatMK4364d ago

Best ever, add one Agree!

OldSchoolGamer34364d ago

Someone please give me a bucket......I'm drooling in love here!

TekkenSmithMachine4364d ago

Holy eff that's bonkers good!

KellyKellyWWE204364d ago

I think that Kelly Kelly would make a great "REAL" Samus Aran if there ever was a life action film. (My name's Kelly too, does that make me an impartial pick.=?)

I really like the suit in this piece. Most of the Samus art online is just a liiiiiittle off from how she really looks but this one is spot on perfect imo.

DonkeyKingKong334363d ago

This is the most "full of win" art ever. To KornChildz: nice find!

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Anthonynoonz4364d ago

And that's why I tell me friends that Samus Aran is the hottest videogame heroine there is. If there's ever any doubt just check her out in the Zero Suit. =)

AaronPal8114364d ago

I'm going to have to go with Mai from SNK's fighting series but Metroid is pretty hot.

SurfnUSA4364d ago

As a girl gamer, I'm going to go with Chun Li from SF. Maybe cause I'm mostly asian but Chunners is classy nonetheless! Haha anyways pretty rad art.

KimberlyHopr4364d ago

last week i saw some pretty stunning artwork of pokemon and now this? videogames + art = beauty!

John007guy4364d ago

Yeah this site is getting better and better thanks to nice artwork like this popping up. Beatufil work to the artist.

TonykomatMK4364d ago

The attention to detail is stunning!!!!

halojane94364d ago

I seriously do hope that Ryo makes a Master Chief like this. Metroid (Samus) is cool but Master Chief is my favorite videogame hero of all time and any kind of artwork I love to save. Some fan art I've even taken to Kinkos and had printed out in high quality and put on foamcore and have it on my walls. Pleeeeease Ryo!

gearsOFangela14364d ago

Gears of War > Halo...jk (well not really but not trying to start a flame war). Maybe Ryo can do the GOW team too.

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The story is too old to be commented.