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Behold more amazing Pokemon artwork. Some top notch battles within.

From Paul Gale Network: "Alysia is an artist from Chicago, Illinois and is really into Pokemon. I (Paul Gale Network) want to give her some credit and share a little of what she’s done with the rest of the world."

This Pokemon artwork is just awesome!

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KornChildz4358d ago

I looove Pokemon! Dude these pics are just do one of Godzilla. Way to go Alysia!

FElixhoth4358d ago

Prolly the best drawings of Pokemon yet on this site.

QuelleDroge4358d ago

Does Anime Shinbun have an section designated for art that I can look up? I want to see the other Pokemon art your talking about.

TonykomatMK4358d ago

These things look straight up Mortal Kombat deadly. I have to click over to that girl's site and see if she made anything MK related. The story said that she's into other stuff that's videogame related besides Pokemon so maybe. Gimme some MK with that kind of deal please!

OldSchoolGamer34358d ago

One look at Bellsprout and all I thought was WTF? lol

TekkenSmithMachine4358d ago

Haha yeah he/it's next to that monk and I just started laughing because Bellsprout is definitely one of the "weirder/dumber" looking Pokemon so it was hard to take seriously.

A tip to all artists: put your stuff on Anime Shinbun = get the credit you deserve cuz these are bomb!

FElixhoth4358d ago

That's probably the main reason why I've been coming back here: the artwork that gets featured on the site.

JeromeRichfield4358d ago

That's one of the beautiful things about Pokemon (to you and Tekken below) so many different creatures that range from really bizarre like Jynx and Mr. Mime to the really cool like Charizard and the legendary dogs. Adult or not I'm still a big fan of the series.

PoopyTheMac4358d ago

All of them are great but the Altaria versus ones are totally badass. I'm going with Gyrados vs. Altaria as the coolest one.

SurfnUSA4358d ago

I thought the Pokemon 'menacing art' from a few months ago was bitchin' but these are even better. Still I prefer to see my Pokemon drawn cute and cuddly (since that's the way I remember them when I was younger) but really nice nonetheless. Also good to see girl artists!

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