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New Berserk Anime Project To Be A Movie

The latest issue of NewType has hit the stands and it offers up some new information regarding the Berserk project that was announced as happening recently.

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Leupac4413d ago

Aside from the ending I really did enjoy the Berserk series so I’m really looking forward to seeing what this does turn out to be, whether it turns out to be a prequel, sequel or a retelling. Though I will still have to hope that it makes its way over when it does come out.

It being a feature film instead of a series is a little different than I was hoping I would have liked to have seen a continuation to the series but there is still a lot of potential for it being a movie. Let’s hope more information becomes available soon.

Is anyone else excited to see Berserk make its return?

midgard2274412d ago

ummm while im glad its coming, im upset that its a movie, wtf, there so much to catch up on and they r just going to recap the show....lame