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Anime Evo: Beelzebub 1 Review (First Look)

Anime Evo:

Alright!!! We have the first episode of one of the recently popular shounen Manga turned Anime, Beelzebub! This is another adaption done by Studio Perriot, who people are most familiar with for doing Bleach and Naruto, two mega popular Shounen Giants.

So cutting right to the chase, is Beelzebub good? Yes. The story from the manga has been almost faithfully adapted, except for a few tweaks here and there.

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Rainoffire4342d ago

I love the manga version of Beelzebub. And looks like I will also be enjoying the Anime adaption.

setsuken4342d ago

Its definitely a good adaption, if simply because I think they got the voices for the characters JUST RIGHT!

The animation leaves a bit to be desired, but that's generally the case with most long shounen series XD

Rainoffire4342d ago

The voice acting really matches the character. Really well done. As for the animation, it is true they can make it better. I really look forward to the comedy, cause that was what pulled me into the series.

Going back to Japan sometime this month again to go get the new volumes for Beelzebub. Disappointed to see that there is no English release for this series.

On an Off-topic note, why did I start off with 3 bubbles? And not the default 5.

setsuken4341d ago

Agreed, the first chapter of the manga was really hilarious, and its what was expertly carried over in the anime.

@Off Topic: Nah, the default is 3, I've been here for quite a while, and as you submit more articles, comments and stuff, you get a higer rank, and therefore more bubbles. =D

anitaku74339d ago

i thought the first episode was amazing. and the animation was fine.