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New Pokemon Battle Game for Wii?

A Nintendo rep at CES 2011 has suggested that a new Pokemon game is in the works for the Wii, combining battle and story.

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tayz4343d ago

The article lists Bulbagarden as source :)

Not sure if I should change link to them because it was in Wiki format and C3 had a tad bit more info?

Archaic4343d ago

Change it to Bulba and add C3 as an alternate source. Bulbanews is in wiki format, but it's still moderated, no story gets published to the namespace without a staff member checking it out.

tayz4342d ago

can you change it for me plz. it got approved b4 i could

theonlylolking4342d ago

I hope you can transfer your pokemon from revoltuion to this new wii title.

tayz4342d ago

they should be able to. can't you transfer pokemon from the older gamecube games to the newer gamecube game? or maybe it was gameboy?

Archaic4341d ago

Not in all cases. There's been several compatibility breaks over the years.

DarkFantasy4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

that's cool hope i don't have to have a DS pokemon game to play it this time,that made me mad about Battle Revolution on wii i hope its like the REAL pokemon games like black and white for an example.