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Anime and Manga releases for the week of January 10th

Not many releases in the way of anime this week as the only titles available are Sentai Filmwork’s 11 Eyes DVD Complete Collection and part 1 of season 1 of FUNimation’s Black Butler. In addition Tokyo Shock releases the live action Grotesque DVD/Blu-ray combo.

The slow week continues into the manga releases as well as Viz and Dark horse are the only two companies releasing titles. Viz releases Battle Angel Alita: Last Order GN 14, Case Closed GN 37, Cross Game GN 2, Hyde & Closer GN 3, Inu Yasha GN 56, Kekkaishi GN 24 and Yakitate!! Japan GN 25 while Dark Horse releases Gantz GN 15. On a side note the Inu Yasha GN 56 is the final volume in the series.

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