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11 Eyes Complete Collection Review (

Raymond Herrera of reviews 11 Eyes the latest release from Sentai Filmworks.

"The story of 11 Eyes is actually very good and the plot twists manage to keep the attention of the person watching very easily. It kind of felt like an anime version of the Persona series of games complete with magic, an alternate world filled with Persona-like enemies and even a form of the “Dark Hour”. There is a little bit of something for everyone as it has plenty of violence, a love triangle, tragedy and they even manage to fit in a little bit of comedy.

Pink Phantasm, the additional OVA, as well as the rest of the series probably isn’t for younger audiences and maybe even a little too graphic for the suggested rating of TV 14. For viewers old enough to watch 11 Eyes and are looking for a something that offers violence, romance and comedy though this is a series worth looking into."

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