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Top Five Anime Movies from 2010 | Inside AX

"2010 was a year filled with many new anime series and some fantastic anime movie releases. With the release of movies such as Karigurashi no Arriety and One Piece flim: Strong World, it may be hard to pick what movies to watch. Here at Inside AX, we’ve gathered a small list that we think deserve a look. Without further ado, in no particular order, I present Inside AX’s Top Five Anime Movies from 2010."

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CountZero4191d ago

There are some pretty good movie picks on there. I haven't had a chance to see "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" yet, but I've heard good things about that one as well, and I'm surprised it didn't make the list.

Still, I'll keep an eye out for some of the less well known movies on the list, particularly King of Thorn.

Archaic4191d ago

Let me just say here that Disappearance is an amazing movie. The ending will let some down, but it happened that way in the novels, so it can't really be helped. Does set up a 3rd season for the anime though, assuming they make one.