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Anime Evo: Fractale 01 [First Look]

Anime Evo: ……a new record. 49 SECONDS in and I’m wondering WHAT THE HELL was the production house smoking when they approved the character designs. The guy’s mothers'(?????) head is an…upside down flower…or a gramophone speaker…Did the dog just hump the garbage bin? Oh GOD I hope not. Our hero, Clain lives on a small island which is filled with stuff that you can only think up only if yer high on weed…A LOT OF WEED. Or possibly tripping on LSD.

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Rainoffire4335d ago

Seems like the Anime did not follow the Original character design.

I do wonder if A-1 Pictures and Ordet (Anime Production companies) will follow through with the story and plot line of the original material.

Sweety85874335d ago

I was really surprised to see that. And it wasn't even like they were SMALL changes. Makes me think that perhaps they're gonna go for something more original?

Rainoffire4332d ago

For some reason, when Anime Studios try to do something original and stray from the source material, it tends to not be as great... Unsure if companies are trying to promote the original material or not.

Anime adaptions, I believe, was meant to promote a series so that more people can support the author by buying the Mangas or light novels.

For me personally, if I see the anime first and leaves a bad taste, I may develop the mindset of steering clear from the series all together.

If they do try for originality, it better wow me.