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Yen Press iPad Manga App Goes Live

Yen Press has announced that their iPad app is now live and have provided a video showing off what it can do that runs just over two minutes in length. As expected, pretty much everything here is an OEL title that Yen Press has easy rights to put out in digital form. All books are priced at $8.99, which is typically what you find the titles at from retail stores with standard discounts applied, so the app offers no significant or even minor savings overall compared to buy print.

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CountZero4188d ago

I would like to see some apps like this come out for Android tablets.

As far as the lack of discount goes, it's not that big of a deal, because Yen puts out more then a few manga that aren't stocked in Brick & Mortar stores, so using this app would be more cost effective than paying for shipping.