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Clannad After Story Anime DVD Upgrade Program Detailed

Sentai Filmworks has sent out the information on how to upgrade your Clannad After Story monolingual DVDs to get the newly announced bilingual full collection that's due out in April.

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Reibooi4336d ago

I'll personally be upgrading. I know alot of people have mixed reactions to the Clannad dub and I will agree it had it's problems but there was also some very solid performances in it and being this will be the 2nd time they are doing the same show chances are the actors will be more adept at their roles this time around.

Not to mention Clannad was Sentai's first dub since reforming from ADV and have since done much more and even gone on to make the incredible Canaan Dub(Which I myself along with many others find better then the original Japanese) I look forward to seeing if they improve After Story's dub as much as they did with Canaan.