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Syfy to begin airing Chrono Crusade

According to television network Syfy's official schedule, the channel will begin airing episodes of Chrono Crusade on February 22 at 11 p.m EST with two back-to-back episodes. First up is the pilot episode, followed by "The Covenant." While Syfy doesn't have a huge selection of anime available, they try, and they usually get a few decent shows here and there.

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Reibooi4181d ago

I find this somewhat surprising. This will be the 2nd time and 2nd channel that Chrono Crusade has aired on. Back in the day(shortly after ADV licensed originally) It was aired on Showtime beyond along with Peacemaker Kurogane.

Granted this time it's on a channel that more people have access to however unlike showtime(who often advertised the anime the had to get people to watch) Syfy pretty much doesn't advertise at all outside of during the actual anime block itself.

Archaic4180d ago

I find it rather surprising myself. I wouldn't have expected to see what is effectively now an older anime series being shown on TV. I would have thought they'd bring in something that's a little more recent.

Tony-Red-Grave4180d ago

not many dubbed animes they can bring in that are recent but i'd love a code geass or GTO in syfy XD

Archaic4180d ago

We had dubbed Code Geass on SBS in Australia last year, so I don't see why it couldn't be on US screens.

Reibooi4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

oops double post

Tony-Red-Grave4179d ago

US had code geass on adult swim

Tony-Red-Grave4181d ago

finally signs of life in this anime news site :D.

that aside syfy has got a very well done anime in their hands. looking back on this anime even now i consider it one of the best, aside from gungrave imo.