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First Image of Upcoming ThunderCats Anime

"Months ago we reported that Warner Brothers Animation was working with Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C, on a new ThunderCats anime. This is really exciting news for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s and would watch the original ThunderCats series. Even more exciting news comes out today, though, as WBA and Studio 4°C have released the first image of their upcoming ThunderCats anime."

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xino4175d ago

is this meant to be a later era with the young cats now older and the leader?
Because the person holding the sword doesn't look like the original Thundercat leader (can't remember names man)

KingPin4175d ago

the leaders name is Lion-O.

drawings look ok i guess. but i think it wouldve been better to keep the look the same, just improve the animations.

hope the voice acting is good though. will wait and see.

ZetsubouJ4175d ago

No, it's a reboot. They're the same characters, just redesigned.

Neko_Mega4174d ago

Been along time that I hear the name ThunderCats. I remake might not be bad if it doesn't turn out to be lame like some remakes.

AHall884174d ago

And the raping of my childhood memories keeps on going.