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Gantz America Premiere Recap

WSA writes: "Indeed we went. Indeed the theatre was very empty. To be generous, there were maybe like 40 or so people there. Though it was Syracuse, NY.
Maybe it was good I had only seen a couple of episodes of the anime and read only the first two or three volumes of the manga, as I seemed to enjoy it more than some of the people in the theatre. For some people it strayed too far away from the source.
It was a fairly violent movie, obviously nowhere near as violent as the manga and anime, which was multiplied by the fact the primary leads are 10th graders. Right off the back it changed, Kurono, Kato and Kishimoto are college age. Obviously the violence is toned down a little, but I found it to be not too bad on that part. And of course it lacked the amount of nudity the manga had, much to the disappoint of the males in the theatre."

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CountZero4326d ago

I'm kind of disappointed with the fact that the live action Gantz film was dubbed for it's theatrical release. While I realize that subtitles aren't for everyone, most of the people who would be coming to see this would either be fans of foreign films (who tend to prefer the films to be in the original language), or fans of the anime - particularly since Gantz isn't getting a wide theatrical release.

Oh well, at least we'll have the original audio track on the subtitled release.

SynGamer4325d ago

The dubbing wasn't a deal-breaker, it was just poorly done. They should have 1.) gotten a better English cast and done better dubbing, or 2.) gone with subtitles...

anasurimbor4325d ago

Sounds lame that it deviates heavily from the source material, but I still want to see it.

SynGamer4325d ago

It seems like the common issue with adaptations is cramming a story the size and caliber of Gantz into about a 2 hour time slot. As they always say; "hind-sight is 20/20" but at least the movie was fun/entertaining :)

killalot1004324d ago

Im a huge Gantz fan but I dont really have no problem with them changing it. I want tot go see it be no theaters around me are showing it. :(

killalot1004324d ago

never mind its turns out it was for only one night. bummer