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Final Fantasy Versus XIII - Gameplay Trailer

Is this real life or is this fantasy? Decide for yourself as you view this jaw-dropping seven-minute trailer featuring the first-ever gameplay footage of FF Versus XIII.

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Neko_Mega4265d ago

Just WOW, this better stay a PS3 only title.

rezznik4265d ago

You know Microsoft will announced this @ e3. It's an inevitability.

Neko_Mega4265d ago

If SE quit screw up their games by doing that, because I know if they do put it out for 360. It is going to get all screw up and might not even look this good or any better.

rezznik4265d ago

Yah, but think about this. Square Enix likes money. Microsoft has money. Ergo, I think it'll show up on the 360 whether we like it or not. Personally, I hope it won't.

daghost11254264d ago

looks pretty clean def on the radar now