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Tokyo MX: “We’ll Stop Showing Anime” “No Jobs For Otaku”

Top late night anime broadcast Tokyo MX has said it may stop showing anime with “extreme” content as a result of Tokyo’s anime/manga ban, and even goes so far as to say it will no longer be offering jobs to anime fans.

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Archaic4173d ago

This is only going to be the start of many such announcements, I fear, in the lead up to the bill actually becoming law mid year.

Sweety85874172d ago

I for one do NOT understand this move by TMX. Fine you dont wanna show the anime THAT is totally your decision, I wont question it. But to discriminate against youths who may like animes? What the....HOW is that gonna help the economy again? Just...WHAT are the over all bigger picture advantages of such a move please? Oo

epic fail dear Japan, epic