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New Anime and Manga Releases for the week of January 31st

There are a couple of new anime fans can pick up this week as Sentai Filmworks releases the second season collection of You’re Under Arrest, Viz Media releases the 12th Pokémon movie “Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Nozomi Entertainment releases the second Dirty Pair TV series collection and FUNimation releases the Second Stage of Initial D along with the Extra Stage OVA. Fans will also be able to pick up the Genshiken DVD DX Collection and the Ikki-Tousen: Dragon Destiny DVD Collection from Media Blasters.

It seems that the companies releasing manga have stepped up their game this week as there are plenty more series to choose from this week. Among this week’s releases are .Hack//Link GN 3, AiON GN 2, Deadman Wonderland GN 4 and Fate/Stay Night GN 10 from Tokyopop as well as Blade of the Immortal GN 23 and Bride of the Water God GN 7 from Dark Horse. Udon Entertainment also releases Street Fighter Gaiden GN 2 and Black Bird GN 7, D.Gray-man GN 20, Bakuman GN 3, Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee GN 4 and Naruto GN 50 release from Viz Media. That’s not all though as there are still many other mange release for this week.

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