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Gundam Lookalike Statue Reappears with Changes

The orange statue with a striking resemblance to Sunrise's Gundam robotic mecha has reappeared with modifications in a photograph posted by a Twitter user named "otoutosama." Floraland (Chengdu Guosetianxiang), an amusement park in the central Chinese province of Sichuan, had erected the statue last year, and then insisted that it was "not an imitation but an original [design]. It is not an copy of Gundam, but a design we came up with."

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Cat4320d ago

"Days later, the statue was suddenly removed, and park officials denied the existence of the statue"

LOL I love the denial of a giant statue's existence. Priceless!!

Reibooi4319d ago

it's funny how the new one is basically the exact same thing except they added a ton of rollerball spikes all over the thing. You can still tell it's a Gundam Ripoff.

Cat4319d ago

Yeah, it looks like somebody went mad with the paper mache!