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Japan: “Piracy Increases Anime Sales”

Japan’s prestigious Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), a government-affiliated economics think-tank, has published detailed research suggesting anime piracy can boost disc sales.

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Yi-Long4170d ago

... ofcourse it does. Piracy means an easy way to check lots of stuff out,and when you fall in love with certain series, many people are perfectly OK with spending money on it as well.

Not just on the anime, but also on the manga, artbooks, and other stuff related to the show.

I heard the creator of Black Lagoon wished cancer upon all the pirates who stole his anime/manga, instead of paying for it...

... but he's forgetting that's pretty much the only way his show will be getting any attention in the west.

In Japan, yeah, it's just shown on regular TV so people can check it out if they like it. We don't have that option, sadly, so we first check it out online, then if we like it word of mouth spreads, and a publisher picks it up and he makes his money.

Kalowest4169d ago

Thats what i do, watch the anime online then buy the Complete Seriers, or BluRay Version.

Shani4168d ago

100% Agree. +Bubble for u.