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Dragon Quest: The Legend of the Hero Abel []

This is an editorial review of an anime from the 1990's that got banned in the US and never received a full English dub or sub. It's a super rare anime with a die-hard American following dying to get their hands on an English dub/sub.

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CanadianTurtle4159d ago

Its odd how there are zero comments for this lol. I geuss DQ will never find it's sales here in the North Americas.

I'm one of those few DQ fans...

Xof4157d ago

Or, rather, it's because this site doesn't get a whole lot of traffic.

Anyway, I've always loved DQ. Just got the VI Remake on DS. So much fun. I'll have to check out this anime... I've always loved Toriyama's art. Too bad he doesn't have any good, modern animation/manga in the works. I guess Naruto would be the closest thing to it, considering how much Kishimoto is influenced by Toriyama.

CanadianTurtle4157d ago

Honestly, I don't think Kishimoto's art looks anything like Toriyama's. They both have different styles, I can't tell which one I like better lol.

But seriously, they should have more manga artists do character designs for video games lol. Look at Oda from One Piece. His art is so unique, espeicially for a japanese artist haha

Aragrist4158d ago

I spent my childhood trying to tape the show before it was taken off the air. 20 years later I found the first 13 English dubbed episodes on ebay. They were rips from 20 year old cassette tapes but it was better than nothing. Then just this year I found a torrent with all the episodes in Japanese with French subs. So far that's the best I can do. I really don't understand why there are no English fan subs or an actual English dub after so many years. This show was AMAZING! Some US anime company should buy the NA rights and put this show out with updated HD.