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2 Pokémon Feature Films to Open on Same Day in July

Two feature-length Pokémon anime films will open in Japan on July 16 instead of the usual one feature-length film with an anime short. According to the Nikkan Sports newspaper, this is the first time that two feature-length Japanese animated films from the same franchise have opened on the same day.

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Archaic4303d ago

No, it won't. And I for one am glad of it. Even if I do think that making two movies is a bit much. I mean, I understand why they're doing it. There's essentially some plot background to Black & White which basically implies each version is its own parallel dimension. Still feels like they're milking it for all it's worth though. Makes me wonder too.....which one is going to be considered the "canon" movie for the Pokémon anime franchise? That's going to lead to some heated debates on Bulba, I'm sure.