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Akira Movie Gets Scriptwriter, Mila Kunis Almost Attached

There's a couple of pieces of movement out there today after the previous reporting about James Franco being in talks to take on the role of Kaneda in the live action Akira adaptation. First there's word out of Variety that they've got a new scriptwriter on it with Steve Kloves having been hired to work on the current draft of the script and get it up to where they want it based on the usual evolution of a film.

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Reibooi4301d ago

I don't really have any hope for this movie and saying that Mila Kunis was or could be attached is sad. That alone would make me never see it regardless of how good people said it was(which wouldn't be very good to begin with).

Her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me so having her in a movie is pretty much a no go for me.

All personal tastes aside i see no hope for this movie. The story is to complex to be easily made into a movie(even the anime film version didn't get it 100% right despite how good it was) and casting is a really big deal for this movie and pretty much EVERYONE they have talked about putting into any role seems like a horrible choice. There has yet to be anyone thought off or mentioned for a role in the movie that fans have thought would be a good idea.

I'm aware that I sound very pessimistic but I have no reason not to considering the only real thing we have as a comparison is Dragon Ball Evolution and we all know how terrible that was(gouge you eyes and ears out with a pencil bad)