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X-Men Anime, Nichijou Promo Videos Streamed

The Japanese television channel Animax has launched a website for MADHOUSE's anime adaptation of Marvel's X-Men characters with the first streaming preview commercial.

The Kadokawa Anime Channel on the YouTube website began streaming the second 150-second promotional video for Nichijou Episode 0 this week.

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killalot1004155d ago

that actually does look good

Sweety85874153d ago

Scott looks VERY bishie nyaaa <3 XD and I can't wait to see Storm in action too but I cant help but wonder where the heck is Jeanie O_O

Archaic4155d ago

Just how many of these anime based on Marvel franchises are they planning anyway? Did the Iron Man one from last year actually do any well?

Sweety85874153d ago

they had planned on four from the very start. It was gonna be Ironman, Wolverine, Xmen and then....i think it was the Fantastic Four but im not too sure on that last one :/

Archaic4153d ago

Fantastic Four? Well, they're kind of iconic I guess, and the Incredibles did well when it was in Japanese cinemas. I thought they might go for something like Avengers to bring the anime franchises together a bit though.