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Ishihara: “Mangaka are Despicable People!”

Tokyo’s governor Ishihara has denounced mangaka as “despicable” for daring to write saucy manga, despite having written scores of trashy rape novels himself.

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hazelamy4302d ago

the guy's a twat.
like most politicians it's do as i say, not as i do.
but then most politicians haven't written novels glamourising rape and slavery.
he also says homosexuals are genetically defective.

of course considering his views on rape novels and the like and his personal history with them, if the same principal applies to his views on homosexuality, he's probably so far in the closet he's halfway to narnia.

Sweety85874302d ago

Completely agreed on that last part! XD I had said the exact words to a friend of mine. It would come as no surprise to me if he was like that cause well...someone's protesting a BIT too loudly over this whole thing.

this guy kinda gives twats a bad name XD

Reibooi4301d ago

I am really sick of this guy.

I mean you have him one day begging anime companies to stop boycotting TAF because they need them and then the next he is bad mouthing Manga-ka.

I mean is he that dumb? Manga-ka have involvement in anime (hence why so many anime are based on Manga) bad mouthing one group isn't gonna make the other group happy or anything.

Not to mention the reason the anime companies are boycotting is the same reason the manga-ka's are angry so he really needs to just shut his mouth.

Archaic4301d ago

It wasn't even one day then the next. According to the article, apparently, he made those comments against Manga-ka immediately after he begged the companies to stop their boycott of TAF.

The sad thing about all this is that his stance will, if anything, win him more votes from Japan's aging population, who really don't like or appreciate the increasing popularity or importance of anime/manga culture to Japanese youth or to Japan's foreign exports.