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K-ON!! Movie Dated

Moeblob fans have rejoiced at the official dating of the upcoming K-ON!! movie, due within the year.

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Xof3981d ago

Does K-ON really have the material to justify a movie?

Sweety85873981d ago

they'll probably cover their college life i suppose. i for one don't mind even if the plot is paper thin cause....hey, its more HTT XD

Xof3981d ago

I dunno. Seems like if the content is just going to be "more of the same," they'd be better served with an OVA, or an additional 13 episodes.

Archaic3981d ago

I'd have to think the movie is going to be all original. The manga itself ended a while back, didn't it? I've heard it's about to get a sequel or continuation series, but they wouldn't have enough content from that prepared for a movie I would have thought.