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Ishihara “Won’t Stand” for 4th Term as Tokyo Governor

Tokyo’s 78-year-old governor Shintaro Ishihara has said he will not stand for election to a fourth term as Tokyo governor.

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Sweety85874152d ago

would it be too soon for me to throw a party of celebration at this? Cause seriously, thank GOD this guy is leaving! Then again, the other candidate doesn't exactly leave me feeling reassured. I mean, posting a tweet about a topic that he doesnt have full information on and then going "ah whoops my bad, forget i said that last part"? Japan's future aint lookin too bright and prosperous to me

Reibooi4150d ago

Yeah getting excited right now is probably getting ahead of ourselves. The good news is the new governor can not possibly be worse then Ishihara but on the other hand none of the candidates are even close to being better.

It's basically multiple bowls of crap and you just choose which smell you want coming from it.

My hope is that regardless of whoever the new Governor is that the bill will try to be appealed. There is a little time for that to happen but I do find it rather unlikely.

It's sad as we have already been seeing the bill causing problems as publishers have already told a few manga-ka they are canceling their works because of it and a few publishers are now putting rules on what they will and will not allow(some of which are way over board)

I'm not saying the industry doesn't need some kind of regulation because it does but just out right censoring everything they deem harmful(which the definition for is far to vague) isn't the way to go about it.

They need to make people more aware of what the content is in various manga, doujin and shows instead of just trying to ban them. We need this to be more like the ESRB and less like China who bans everything and anything they deem harmful.

Archaic4149d ago

Sadly, it's unlikely that the bill will be repealed by the parliment. The opposition originally were...well...opposed to it, but the bill that they themselves ended up voting for was even more harsh and drastic than the original bill. The best bet right now would be for the publishers themselves to band together and challenge it through the courts as an attack on free speech, citing things such as the discriminatory nature of the law. No one would dare to suggest that these things can't be portrayed in movie or literature (it'd cause the Tale of Genji to be banned if it was applied in that manner), so they'd have a good shot at it if they really brought forward a challenge.