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Star Blazers Gets On SyFy Schedule For April

With all the news lately about both the Japanese live action Yamato film and the plans for a US made version of Star Blazers on the big screen, fans of the original material will be able to experience it again. The SyFy channel is now listing Star Blazers for April 21st which is where the anime line-up will be as it's moving away from Mondays. The series will be tied with two episodes of Chrono Crusade from 11PM to 12AM and then two episodes of Star Blazers will follow afterwards.

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Xof4148d ago

The, uh, the original?


Wouldn't they be better served with one of the more recent animated movies? I mean, SBY is really, really, REALLY dated animation-wise.

Still, it's nice to see the classics see some love. Of course, that love is coming from what I consider to be the least of all cable networks... but still.

I mean, "Syfy"? Really?

Also: come on, we need Yamato tags for Starblazers stuff. More and more fans these days only know the show by the Japanese title.