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game-sait: Naruto Manga Review

Naruto is without a doubt one of the most popular manga worldwide and has become a favourite among manga readers. So what is it about the orange-suit-wearing boy that has got everyone in frenzy?

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Oblivion004290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Ive been watching Naruto ever since it first came out and I was impressed with the story line so far and each character defines their own personal life within the anime. Naruto is the biggest anime out there in my opinion and I am still currently watching it. The fight scences, the blood, the plot, the twist, freaking everything about this show is worth it and my favorite character is Sasuke Uchiha and i'm not a fan boy lol.

Yi-Long4289d ago

... although the quality is very varied, due to both the whole fillers-crap, as well as a difference in quality when it comes to the animation.

I LOVE the manga though, which has a huge epic story and lots of interesting characters. I've got all 50 books and waiting for nr 51 to be released this summer (-sigh-)

Gorgeous artwork as well.

GoDHanDSama4290d ago

I'm a big fan but sometimes Kishimoto loses the plot.