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I nominate Japanese anime for most underrated genre

Robert Dewar writes: Toy Story 3 is in the running for the best picture award at the 2011 Oscars, and pundits and public alike have been singing its praises; The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw called it "genuinely groundbreaking, pushing at the boundaries of cinema", dealing as it did with such issues as "growing up, growing old, and making way for one's children". A true coming-of-age story, then.

Bradshaw also pointed out that, because Toy Story 3 is animation, it was subject to snobbery and condescension by those who feel that live action is the only way to tell a story. He makes a good point: animation is often unfairly pushed aside to make way for "real" movies. It is a point that needs extending, for there is an entire industry, and a culture, that has been using animation as a mainstay of grand storytelling for decades: anime.

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