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Madoka “Will Be Cancelled!”

Magical puella detractors are becoming rather excited that their efforts to get Madoka canned for being filled with scenes of magical girl abuse may finally pay off.

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Sweety85874143d ago

OH COME ON! D: This is complete and utter bullshit! :( One of the BEST shows of the season gets THIS done to it? Japan, stuff like this makes me wanna flip a table in your face

dgroundwater4143d ago

"Sadly for detractors, the BPO is run by the broadcasters and very rarely if ever does anything about the crazy complaints it receives."

I've only started watching but this is hope enough to continue.

Sweety85874143d ago

I suppose even if it gets canceled, it may shift to web episodes? Still works I suppose...

Redempteur4143d ago

what a laod of bulls**t.

there is nothing worng with madoka .. there is no blood , no sex ..the turn japan is having with animes and doujinshis is getting stupid on many ways ...

JAMurida4143d ago

Wait... I don't understand what was so bad about it. Was it about the death scene of that girl? If the anime was targeted to a younger group then I could understand, since it would probably scare the mess out of them. But that's nothing compared to some of the anime they have/are airing in Japan.

Sweety85874143d ago

ikr? i think they arnt happy with having the usual "happy happy joy joy! MAGICAL GIRL!" being turned so dark :\ Its got their Sailor Moon/Tokyo Mew Mew panties in knots so thats why they're whinin and moanin over it

Whitefox7894143d ago

If they think that's messed up. They clearly have not seen / read. Elfen Lied, blood, gore, and probably one of the most disturbing scenes I've ever seen in anime in episode 09 of the anime.

JAMurida4142d ago

This might be a spoiler to some who haven't seen the anime but I personally thought this was worse than that Madoka scene:


After thinking about it for a while though, I could understand why they made a fuss about the scene in Madoka. I guess it could be compared to if they had an episode of Power Rangers and one of the rangers get's his arms ripped off or something. Basically for kids (8-13 age) who were probably watching episode 3 of Madoka and saw the death scene, they were probably scared by that scene that would usually be something to expect from an anime/manga like Gantz or Deadman Wonderland and not some show about magical girls.

Sweety85874142d ago

But what are kids (8-13 age) doing up that late at night? I mean, call me old fashioned but wouldnt kids be asleep at that time? I always thought that the anime and shows aimed towards kids were aired at more reasonable timings i.e. evening. And those that are late at night were targeted towards the older audiences. How right or wrong am I on this?

JAMurida4142d ago

In theory, yes. But most kids don't follow by that saying. You find kids that are not even teenagers yet playing Gears of War online, throwing out racial slurs and everything you could think of. I don't know how things work/are in Japan, but I wouldn't be surprised to find kids who stay up to watch some of this stuff. Lol, I remember when I was younger I would stay up just to watch Toonami uncut and Adult Swim, despite content wise it wasn't anything compared to what they show now on TV.

Kids are going to do what they want, despite what there parents say. And times have changed when it comes to what they show on TV now. Gantz was banned FAST from TV back then when it first aired in Japan, iirc. But you see stuff that is almost on the same level these days that are allowed still be on air.