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Dragon Ball Kai’s Last Episode on March 27th in Japan

The Japanese voice actor for Trunks in the Dragon Ball Kai adaptation, Takeshi Kusao has revealed that episode 98 of the abridged series will be the last episode, which will air on March 27th in Japan.

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hazelamy4284d ago

i wonder if we'll ever see any new dragonball ever again.

xino4283d ago

yea...the newest was the Return of Goku and Friends.
And the Lost Episode remake in HD.

i wish we get a new series or reboot the whole DBZ:/
also we would need the original creator to write a story because GT series were garbage!

xino4283d ago

being following the series releases, so annoying to wait 3 days later for a damn sub:/

I had to wait 2 weeks for ep 95:/

i'm going to love ep Cell gets defeated:)