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Millennium Actress Review @ Studycove

Chiyoko Fujiwara was a famous actress that had been in many successful films for over twenty years. Currently in her 70s, an experienced director, and biggest fan, called Genya Tachibara wants to produce a documentary about her, but there is a problem, she hasn't been living in the public eye for some time. Luckily, Genya and his cameraman are able to track her down, and she agrees to an interview of her documentary...

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tacosRcool4131d ago

After reading this review, I do want to go out and see this movie. Nice short review

Reibooi4131d ago

Millennium Actress isn't just one of the best Anime films of all time but it can easily stand against some of the greats in the live action arena. The story it tells and the way it tells it cannot be done in any other format but it's one of those stories that everyone can relate to.(The story itself is pretty much based on a real life actress although Kon never said explicitly that it was based on her life)

It was really sad how Dreamworks treated the film when they brought it over to the US. They pretty much only brought it over to help expand their own animation line up they were launching at the time and never really gave the release the attention it deserved. Something that happened all to often with Satoshi Kon's films despite the masterpieces they were.

It's been out of print for quite awhile however it's still very easy to find on Amazon for a very low price(less then 5 bucks in most cases). I would highly recommend it to anyone. Not just anime fans but movie fans in general.