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Xenosaga Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "Xenosaga: The Animation is a gorgeous anime loosely based on the popular RPG. Humans have left Earth to take to the stars and lifeforms — known as Gnosis — threaten our off-world existence. Shion from Vector Industries takes matters into her own hands when she creates a woman cyborg to combat the Gnosis code named KOS-MOS."

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Reibooi4275d ago

The Xenosaga anime was a terrible steaming pile of wtf.

Now one needs to keep in mind that I'm a very big fan of the games however even if that wasn't the case the series is still crap. The fact that the reviewer states that the show is "Gorgeous" is laughable. Toei animation didn't know what they were doing at all. There are countless animation short cuts making the show look rather ugly as well as the character designs just being ugly due to Toei's art style that doesn't really look anything like the games.

In addition to that the story is butchered in ways that make no sense. While the show is largely based on the first game there are segments that take place out of order and therefor lose their impact entirely. Those who have played the first game will no doubt be aware of a scene that takes place within the first 30 minutes in which KOS-MOS kills someone in a effort to defend Shion telling her that her life was more important and this creates a central conflict in the games. This scene happens near the END of the series and creates no conflict whatsoever. That's also not counting that the entire last bit of the show just goes totally wtf.

There are also bits of story that are from the 2nd game that appear for no reason and never get expanded upon and just leave the viewer wondering what they hell they were getting at.

Another rather large annoyance was the casting for the show. While the Japanese version did indeed use all the same actors the English version didn't. The annoyance here is that the dub the game had was generally well received and the animes was not. Many fans were annoyed when Episode II changed the case and Namco noticed this and changed the cast back to the original for Episode III so why the anime didn't use the games cast is beyond me.

Really the show was just a massive disappointment it could have been something incredible just as the games were and could have helped the series of games continue had it been good enough to pull in a audience. But as it turned out it was a laughable attempt at cashing in on a very popular series.