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Anime Evo: Wandering Son 08 Review

Anime Evo: With the series about two-thirds of the way over, we begin to get down to the finer details of what makes our characters tick. In this episode, we have a bit of a time jump; it’s the beginning of the new semester and the gang is figuring out who is in what class and whether or not they have a friend with them. To Sasa’s disappointment, everyone is split up, although it appears that a couple of them have the same class.

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Satoshi-kun4347d ago

I really love this series, and I felt that this episode was a very fun one! I'm just waiting for Anna to yell at Shuichi's sister for all the crap that she says to him.

nagicakeumz4346d ago

It definitely was a very fun episode! I'm really happy that Anna accepted Nitori for who he is, although I wish his sister wouldn't be so bitchy to him all the time. :/